Episode 59 – Hyperkalemic heparin

Why can heparin cause hyperkalemia? Most of us have seen hospitalized patients with mild but persistent hyperkalemia with no obvious cause. You notice a potassium of 5.3-5.5 mmol/L every day, even though the patient had a normal potassium level on admission. These patients are not on spironolactone, and their renal function is normal. There justContinue reading “Episode 59 – Hyperkalemic heparin”

Episode 58 – Gutting a Pearl

[Why] is furosemide susceptible to malabsorption from “gut edema”? Much of medicine is taught using clinical pearls. These small bits of free-standing, clinically relevant information are often based on experience or observation. Others have a backing in pathophysiology, even if the mechanism isn’t known to the teacher or the learners. On the podcast, we’ve coveredContinue reading “Episode 58 – Gutting a Pearl”

Episode 57 – The Acetabular Ache

Why do bone metastases hurt? Most of us have seen patients with severe bone pain from metastatic cancer. And yet few of us have wondered why that pain is present. In this episode, we tackle the question why do bone metastases hurt? A review of anatomy will help. Around the bone is the periosteum, aContinue reading “Episode 57 – The Acetabular Ache”

Episode 56 – Trigging Out

Why can hypertriglyceridemia cause pancreatitis? In this episode, The Curious Clinicians dive into a question that occurred to Avi when he was a resident at the VA, sitting in morning report. We break down why elevated serum triglyceride levels, or hypertriglyceridemia, can cause acute pancreatitis.  The first association between pancreatitis and elevated lipids was proposedContinue reading “Episode 56 – Trigging Out”

Episode 55 – A Cute Pigment

Why doesn’t hemolysis cause acute kidney injury as easily as rhabdomyolysis? Whenever we see a patient with rhabdomyolysis one of the biggest concerns is acute kidney injury (AKI). We reflexively go from looking at the creatinine kinase (CK) to looking at creatinine. But we see a lot of hemolysis and don’t have the same reflex.Continue reading “Episode 55 – A Cute Pigment”