Episode 66 – More Right Than Left

Why is tricuspid valve endocarditis more common in persons who inject drugs? On this episode of the podcast, we continue the discussion of valvular heart disease, moving from the left heart to the right heart. In Episode 65, we talked about the curious predilection of rheumatic heart disease for the mitral valve. On this episode,Continue reading “Episode 66 – More Right Than Left”

Episode 63 – Getting Swol

Why does weight-lifting increase muscle size? If you have ever lifted weights, you are likely to recall that in the hours and days after your workout, your muscles started to grow. Not everyone’s muscles grow to the same extent or degree, but this is a fairly standard response to resistance training. On this episode, weContinue reading “Episode 63 – Getting Swol”

Episode 62 – Connected Bilirubin

Why do patients with liver injury or dysfunction have conjugated hyperbilirubinemia? On this episode of the podcast, we discuss another paradox: why does the liver’s ability to conjugate remain even in the setting of severe severe inflammation or fibrosis? It might make sense to see a dramatic elevation in unconjugated bilirubin in these situations, butContinue reading “Episode 62 – Connected Bilirubin”

Episode 61 – Of ticks, alpha-gal, and red meat allergies

Why can tick bites cause red meat allergy? When you think about tick bites, usually infections like Lyme disease or babesiosis come to mind. But on this episode of the podcast, we explore a surprising association between tick bites, a sugar moiety called alpha-gal, and red meat allergies. The story brings together many different strands, fromContinue reading “Episode 61 – Of ticks, alpha-gal, and red meat allergies”

Episode 59 – Hyperkalemic heparin

Why can heparin cause hyperkalemia? Most of us have seen hospitalized patients with mild but persistent hyperkalemia with no obvious cause. You notice a potassium of 5.3-5.5 mmol/L every day, even though the patient had a normal potassium level on admission. These patients are not on spironolactone, and their renal function is normal. There justContinue reading “Episode 59 – Hyperkalemic heparin”