Why do diseases present in certain ways? What are the mechanisms of treatments we use? Why does the human body function as it does?

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Episode 66 – More Right Than Left

Why is tricuspid valve endocarditis more common in persons who inject drugs? On this episode of the podcast, we continue the discussion of valvular heart disease, moving from the left heart to the right heart. In Episode 65, we talked about the curious predilection of rheumatic heart disease for the mitral valve. On this episode,…

Episode 65 – Taking Things to Heart

In this episode, The Curious Clinicians took things to heart and unpacked both why rheumatic heart disease so often involves heart valves, and why the mitral valve is by far the most commonly affected. See below for our take home points and other episode information! Take Home Points CME/MOC Click here to obtain AMA PRA Category 1…

Episode 64 – Stopping the Shakes

Why does meperidine treat rigors? When a patient is having rigors that are causing them to desaturate or become tachypneic, you may have turned to meperidine to stop them. Meperidine is an opioid that has fallen out of common use for most indications, but remains a go-to agent for many to stop disadvantageous rigors. How…


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