Why do diseases present in certain ways? What are the mechanisms of treatments we use? Why does the human body function as it does?

Join us to explore these questions and many more.

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Episode 55 – A Cute Pigment

Why doesn’t hemolysis cause acute kidney injury as easily as rhabdomyolysis? Whenever we see a patient with rhabdomyolysis one of the biggest concerns is acute kidney injury (AKI). We reflexively go from looking at the creatinine kinase (CK) to looking at creatinine. But we see a lot of hemolysis and don’t have the same reflex.Continue reading “Episode 55 – A Cute Pigment”

Episode 54 – A Lincoln Theory

What conditions affected Abraham Lincoln? There are certain figures in history whose health has fascinated medical historians and engendered a lot of speculation. Vincent Van Gogh’s affinity for the color yellow was discussed in episode 4. Other examples are Ludwig van Beethoven and the cause of his deafness and the uncertainty surrounding the death ofContinue reading “Episode 54 – A Lincoln Theory”


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