About Us

Hannah Abrams, MD is an internal medicine resident in Boston, MA. She loves learning about medicine and why we do what we do. When she’s not repleting potassium or rounding, Hannah is probably making terrible puns or talking about why platelets are the coolest part of the CBC.

You can follow Hannah on Twitter at @hannahrabrams.

Tony Breu, MD is an internist/hospitalist who loves asking ‘why’? He has been using Twitter and tweetorials as an outlet for writing about these questions since the summer of 2018.

When not on Twitter or in Morning Report, Tony is typically found playing Candy Land or Shoots & Ladders. Or building a fort.

You can follow Tony on Twitter at @tony_breu

Avraham (Avi) Cooper, MD is a pulmonary/critical care physician in Columbus, OH. When not drinking coffee – or, for that matter, when drinking coffee – he can be found looking up mechanistic explanations, teaching, or hanging out with his amazing wife and kids.

You can follow Avi on Twitter at @AvrahamCooperMD

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